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Computer Science

Department of Computer science (CS) has found its research interest in development of new algorithms to define fundamental complexity of computers. Algorithms have been developed and continuously assessed for their end use in classification, regression and decision making abilities. Our Computer Science Department works in collaboration with Computational Biology and other research pursued by Department of Biosciences.


Department has also focused on Information Technology (IT) to adapt research related to database management system, reasoning and presentation areas. It covers mobile device application development, e-science, and artificial intelligence as well.


We offer routine projects to our students to expose them to current research going on in the field of computer science away from their curriculum.  Students also work on immediate applications of programming languages, their design and implementation.


Come and join us to pursue a degree decorated with real research experience in it.

Some Stastistics

  • 20

    Research Publications

  • Real Research Project Exposure
  • Computer Experts in Team
  • Power packed Laboratories with Latest tools and techniques


  • Artificial Neural Network based condition monitoring of industrial systems
  • Database Management System and its current application in E-Commerce
  • Development of new algorithms for classification and regression problems
  • Understanding environment techniques which are used to build, maintain and understand software systems.
  • Bioinformatics has been an interesting and application are where our computer science department has been actively involved in research.

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